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How to choose a removal company

Top tips on how to choose a quality and REAL removal company!

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Check their feedback

By reading feedback from other customers you can feel assured that the removal company you pick will provide a good service. One of the easiest ways is to check their facebook page and reviews...


Ask for a survey

Your removal company should visit you free of charge to survey the job prior to your move and provide a binding quote. By doing this, they can assess the volume of items that need to be moved and investigate any access issues with your property. Be honest about the number of possessions you plan to move, otherwise the company may arrive underprepared on moving day.


Check insurance details

It’s a good idea to ask all potential removal companies about the level of insurance they have for goods in transit, to put your mind at rest that your belongings will be covered, and also to find out if you need to arrange extra cover with your own insurance company.

Payment options

Find out how the company would like to be paid. Be dubious of firms who insist only on a cash-in-hand payment or a sizeable cash deposit. Reputable removal companies should be able to accept payment by credit/debit card and cheques as well as cash.

Packing boxes and extra services

Many removal companies will lend packing boxes, which could save you a sizeable sum of money, so it is worth enquiring about. You also may wish to enquire whether they have a service to dis/reassemble flat-pack furniture, or to un-plumb washing machines and dishwashers etc.

Uniformed staff

A sure sign of a professional removal company is uniformed staff. If the company you use has provided uniforms for their members of staff it will be easier for you to identify that the team turning up to move your furniture is from the removals company you hired.

A personable approach

Lastly, but not least – does your first contact at the removals company seem friendly? If you are handing over all your worldly goods to one company, it is very important that you feel you can trust them. Equally, moving home can be a trying experience, so choosing a removal company that makes you feel at ease will go a long way toward reducing your stress levels on moving day.

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