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House move checklist!

The tasks leading up to moving day can seem endless, and many people find this period extremely stressful. But if you start planning a few weeks in advance, and give yourself enough time, most of the stress can be avoided. To help you keep track of things, we've compiled a checklist of key activities leading up to moving day. So now you can relax and look forward to a smoother move without the stress!

We've produced two moving checklists, the first to be used 6 weeks before the move and the second two weeks beforehand.

Six weeks to go!

1. Start getting removal quotes. Get several quotes from removal companies and make sure they are fully insured for the

peace of mind!

2. Book the removal company. Provisionally book the removal company. The date can normally be changed later if anything crops up.

3. Think about what you'll be moving. Assess your belongings and ask the removal company for a home visit if you're worried about bulkier items.

4. Book extra or temporary storage. If you need extra storage space, get some quotes and book it.

5. Source boxes & tape. Ask the removal company about packing service or to supply boxes & tape and bubble wrap if required.

6. Organise your extra help. If you're not using professionals, make sure you give family & friends plenty of notice if you need help.

7. Notify your landlord. If renting don't forget to notify your landlord. You will need to give at least 4 weeks notice before you move out otherwise you could forfeit rent.

8. Dispose of unwanted items. Start clearing out the garage & loft, hire a skip if necessary. Make a few trips to the recycling centre.

9. Notify utilities. Make a list of who to inform and start to notify the utility companies of your move.

10. Order new items. Order any new furniture & carpet for your new home for delivery in time for the move.

Two weeks to go!

1. Start Packing. Start packing non-essential items like books, CDS etc.

2. Send out change of address cards. Make a list of people you know and send out change of address cards.

3. Notify local services. Notify the milkman and paper shop and let them know the last day you will need them.

4. Re-direct mail. Ask the post office to redirect mail to your new address. There is normally a small charge for this.

5. Check insurance. Make sure your removal company will cover your possessions in transit.

6. Consider your children & pets. Arrange for someone to look after young Children & Pets if possible and arrange a time to meet.

7. Check parking arrangements. Make sure your van, helpers or removal company have somewhere to park at both ends.

8. Plan your arrival. Be ready to tell the removal team where to place furniture in your new home.

9. Organise collection of keys. Arrange to drop off/collect keys from your estate agent.

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